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10/13/2007: "I Bought a New Painting!"

So, it's a beautiful, partially sunny Sat. morning and I've just come from downtown where I had a cup of coffee with an old friend I haven't had the chance to hang out with much. We had a nice conversation and afterwards I wandered around, window shopping for a bit. Then I remembered that I missed local artist Asha Falcon's recent show at Annie Kaill's due to my back injury so I went to check it out. My favorite painting was still available so I bought it!

I tell you what, once you start buying original art work it gets really addicting. The first piece I ever bought (in art school we all just made trades) was a piece called Ice Map by Rob Roys. Since then I've purchased 3 or 4 pieces but each time it has been thrilling. I wish I had more money for art but I'm seriously trying to get out of debt right now.

I went and looked at a few more shows, then stopped by Rob Roy's studio to see if he was there painting (he wasn't) but it still put me in the mood to paint. So I'm home now, Aaron is at work this afternoon so I have the place to myself. I think I'll clean some brushes and just start...see what happens. I have *plenty* of time until my next show so I'm just going to have fun and do what Berry (the Boneman) does...paint paint paint (I am so impressed with how much painting he gets done!).

I'll let you know how it goes...

Replies: 3 Comments

on Sunday, October 14th, Rod said

I agree, once you start buying original art, especially from your friends, it becomes addictive. I just bought a print from a friend in Tucson and I had to change everything on my walls. I want more!
P.S. Tell Rob that I just tried smoked veal tongue.

on Sunday, October 14th, Kasia said

I wish I had friends to buy pictures from. The only artist i know is you. :) And thank God I came across this site long long time ago.

Rod - veal tongue??? Ouch!

on Sunday, October 14th, Elise said

Hey Rod, I will be mailing you your painting soon, I've gotten behind in everything since hurting my back but I *will* get to it eventually (you know me!)

And Kasia, I'm glad you found this site too!
As for the smoked veal tongue, Rob likes to say that the crying is what makes it taste so good!
It's one delicacy I don't think I'll be tasting any time soon.