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10/24/2007: "One Year Ago Today (+ or - a few days)"

gustavus-by-plane-mountains (45k image)

gustavus-by-plane-mountains2 (44k image)

gustavus-by-plane-mountains3 (33k image)

gustavus-by-plane-tidal (88k image)

arron-elise-gustavus-1-year (165k image)

So, Aaron and I went to Gustavus this past weekend to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of when we officially started dating. It was really beautiful and we had a fun and relaxing time. The flight there, as you can see from the above photos, was beautiful. The flight back was freaking terrifying!

We were in this little Bush plane and there were high winds and low visibility, a storm was coming in and we had to fly really low and the plane was jolting up and down and swinging side to side. It was terrible, I was so afraid, I kept trying to remember how long a person could survive in open Alaskan waters without a survival suit (15-20 minutes).

Then I started having crash, the plane goes down and Aaron's unconcious so I have to swim him to shore (we've *all* had rescue fantasies right?)...but in the end we arrived safely and Aaron made it seem like it wasn't that bad compared to other flights he's been on which...I don't see how.

This week I've been having a tougher time than usual with the weather and the lack of light. I have this monster light box (for SAD) at my desk and from out in the public part of the library my office glows like a plutonium field (do they glow?). Everyone makes fun of me for it but screw it, I haven't been able to get out of bed at all the past couple of days and I've been really late to work and I think it's the fact we've been losing about a half an hour of daylight a week for awhile now.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Game One of the World Series. I've become a big Red Sox fan and I can't wait to watch them kick Colorado's butt!
Don't worry, I'm still an artist underneath it's just another little dry spell. Next week I'll start going back to life drawing sessions at the Ruby Room. Hopefully that will get me in the mood again.

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on Thursday, October 25th,">dad said

:cool: sounds like some of my flights I remember one time in a C-130 as a storm was comind I was up front the doors were open, I COULD'NT WAIT TO BALE OR BAIL OUT :crazy: anyway glaid to see u back online

on Thursday, October 25th, willow said

Happy Anniversary!

Those are great pictures. My favorite one is the 4th one down with that blue ribbon of water!

And glad to hear you are cheering for the Red Sox! I have big bags under my eyes, staying up too late watching baseball! But it's worth it. GO SOX!

on Thursday, October 25th, DAD said

Oh I forgot go ROCKIES HATE THERE FOOTBALL FANS but like the Rockies baseball, lov the socks when tyey are playing the Yankies don't want to make this a sports thread dad

on Thursday, October 25th, Elise said

Just don't mention any scores or results. We watch the games on TIVO, sometimes a day or more behind everyone else and it's hell trying to get through the day without someone giving away the results.

on Friday, October 26th, willow said

ok! I'll zip my lip if I have to!

on Friday, October 26th, Joan said

Congratulations on the milestone. I do mean that. Do you feel it seems like yesterday and a million years ago..sometimes at the same time? Time is a funny thing. God bless you both.

on Saturday, October 27th, marja-leena said

Great photos, Elise and happy 'anniversary' to you both. May the creative juices keep flowing after that great show you had!

on Sunday, October 28th, Kasia said

I hate flying so I can truly understand the fear and the panic. It just comes and goes.
Great photos (as always) and one more thing.. Red Sox - it is actually a baseball or a football team? I never know.

on Monday, October 29th, Elise said


And hi Joan, thanks for the congrats. btw, I never did receive the school project from your daughter. I've been checking the mailbox and I've asked Aaron about it but he hasn't found anything either. I just wanted you to know that I haven't blown it off.

And thanks Marja-leena! I hope all is well on your end too.
Kasia, The Red Sox are a baseball team. I never used to watch baseball but Aaron is a big fan and that made learning aobut the game fun. Now I'm just as into it as he is.

on Monday, October 29th, Kasia said

I don't get baseball at ALL. :blush: :blush: :hehe: