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05/10/2007: "Merits of a fast hand..."

"Hi Elise...

I write to you today to inform and invite you to participate in Juneau Arts and Humanities Council’s “Quick Draw” event which will take place as part of Community Day, on Saturday, May 26 2007. Community Day takes place on the beautiful Auke Lake campus of the University of Alaska Southeast.

Participating Artist’s are given one hour, from 1:30-2:30 pm, in which to complete a masterpiece, and another 1/2 hour to matt and frame their work for sale. At 3:00 pm an exciting auction will take place. Artists pre-determine the percentage of the sale they wish to donate to the JAHC Grants for Artist’s program, and Quick Draw becomes a unique opportunity for both Artist and Patron to contribute to the artistic growth of the Juneau community in a multifaceted way."

Does anyone remember my Quick Draw experience a couple years ago?

I'm a sucker for charity events and I'm already going to be working at the Community Day event...I volunteered as a face painter last year and I've been asked if I could do it again. Last year I was the only one, and I had a line the entire time and couldn't even take a bathroom break because the line of kids was a mile long.

I do think I'm getting a little better at it, I can paint faces more quickly now and the kids love it...which is its own kind of reward. I've also had a few more chances to practice, like at the Halloween party at the local womens shelter (which was wonderful by the way!). There was one uncomfortable moment though, when a small boy asked me to paint his face "like a gangster". I said I didn't know how to do that one and he said "just paint it black!"...ugh!

As for Quick Draw...I have mixed feelings. I love to donate to charities but it's embarrassing to have your work auctioned off. I'm always terrified that no one will bid on it and I'll be mortified. But, it's for a really good cause so I'll probably suck up my pride and go for it again.

Wish me luck!

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on Thursday, May 10th, Kasia said

Good luck!!!:)))
Face painting:) I'd love to have my face painted, though I am not a kid anymore. :hehe:

on Friday, May 11th, Elise said

hey Kasia, if we ever meet IRL I will be sure to bring my face painting kit just for you!

It's really fun actually...and I think we never get to old to play or do "childish" things, if it makes us feel good.

on Friday, May 11th, Elise said

Speaking of which, I bought my boyfriend a kite in San Diego. I'm hoping we'll have a chance to fly it this weekend!


on Sunday, May 13th, Kasia said

OMG!!! I love kites, too!!!!I've flown one recently and it has been grrreat!

on Sunday, May 13th, Elise said

I almost got him one that is a stunt kite, they have two strings and they're a little harder to keep in the air...but it had a long stick and I wouldn't have fit it in the overhead storage compartment on the plane.

The one I got for him is small and flies easily and doesn't have any stick braces in it but we can sail it off the back of our sailboat!

on Monday, May 28th, DIo said

So how did the quick draw go - did you do it again? Did you work to the rules you figured from last years event?