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Tuesday, July 22nd

How Deep is Your Love?

I'm still not ready to write about my magical wedding and the week leading up to it but I do want to share part of an email I just received from a dear friend who summed it up so well:

"It was great being part of your and Aaron's celebration. Your Juneau community is truly incredible and obviously thinks the same of you and Aaron.

The thanks goes to you by the way. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. Meeting your friends, spending time with B and your sisters, pudddlee jumping around Juneau, hiking in the mist, picking wildflowers, drinking and conversing at the Hangar, experiencing a most delightful Alaska Fudge Co. intoxication while wandering the streets of downtown, climbing the side streets to the Bergman and sitting-buzzed- in the same backdoor bar with the local mafia; watching park cabin #2 be transformed in a wash of candlelight and ferns. The list goes on and on.

It was like spending 5 days in the movies and dancing back and forth between chapters of books that will become your favorites because you're surrounded with some of your favorite characters in exceptional scenarios. Did I mention the romantic wedding on Sandy Beach? and how the sun- which hadn't been seen for days- shined down on the luckiest happiest smiling couple?

Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. There is already a list of things I've learned from watching and listening to you and Aaron- about marriage and most importantly loving someone well."

Anyway, I am totally and completely blissed out from one of the most incredible experiences of my life. My sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make it so unforgettable.

Photos and video yet to come!

Elise on 07.22.08 @ 01:03 PM AK [link]

Sunday, July 13th

Wedding Daze

By this time next week I'll be an old married woman!

A friend dropped off a bag full of purple tulle to decorate the shelter with and I woke up to find Osiris had made a little nest in it. He looked so adorable.

osiris-in-purple-tulle (58k image)

Elise on 07.13.08 @ 02:16 PM AK [link]