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Monday, November 2nd

Waiting for DaSnow

Today was beautiful! Juneau has this wonderful quality of light. Some days (like today) there were clouds, low hanging and upwards drifting fog, patches of blue sky, and bright sunlight that hit fresh white snow-capped mountains. The combination can be overwhelming. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets on my drive to work this morning.

The snow is most of the way down the mountain side now. It snowed a little this weekend but didn't "stick". Soon though....very soon.

Things here are going incredibly well. Aside from my studio (which got filled up with misc. junk when we moved everything to get our carpets cleaned) our house is lean, mean and clean. I've never been this well organized. Now with help from Aaron and Noah, keep the place tidy is effortless...there is plenty of time to be a woman of leisure...I did so much reading, cuddling, and napping this weekend, it felt like paradise.

Of course, I NEED to start painting again soon...and I will. Stay tuned on the Etsy store. I just haven't had the time to get that storefront set up, what with all the napping etc.
Life is good!
Elise on 11.02.09 @ 05:15 PM AK [link]