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Saturday, October 3rd

Etsy...feel the love

So, I've decided to create an Etsy storefront. First of all, I LOVE Etsy. Not just the idea of a shop that only sells handmade goods, but also I love shopping on there. I'm always finding just amazing work.

I think it's an inexpensive way to reach more people (hopefully) with my work. I was inspired by an artist Suzanne McLean's (who friended me on Facebook...any other artists out there?) storefront Dream Gallery. I love her paintings as well!

Anyway, I'm very excited about setting it up today. I've been sick for awhile and really extraordinarily busy at work, so this will be my first day to set up the storefront.

I will post a link when it's ready.
Elise on 10.03.09 @ 10:39 AM AK [link]