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Monday, December 24th

Taking stock

So, yesterday was my birthday! I'm 38...two years away from 40. Which feels weird to me because I still feel so young and yet really, I'm not. Young-ish, maybe...but not young.

The thing is, my life has turned out even better than what I'd hoped for growing up. Maybe I'm not a rock-star in the art world, but I have time and space to paint what I want without any market pressures.

And I thought that I wanted to stay single forever, and yet I've stumbled into the best relationship of my life with a man I love more and more everyday!

I don't make a ton of money, but I enjoy my job and the people I work with. What I do is important in its own small way.

I used to think that fame and fortune were in my destiny, but now that doesn't even appeal to me. I have everything I need.

Now, my life isn't perfect. I still can't seem to get over my back injury, and I've been hit twice by the foulest stomach virus I've had the pleasure of hosting in years! The second time I came down ill was on the day of my flight home for christmas, which I ended up missing so now I'm in Juneau instead of Nebraska for the holidays. I am sad, I'll miss my family very much. In another way, it's nice to not have to travel.

I've checked out a ton of great books and mags from the public library and I plan to be very very lazy.

I also plan to paint. Now, I'm basically *always* planning to paint, so whether or not it happens it's still fun to make plans. The other thing, I'm getting into jewelry making. I'm taking a class in a couple weeks on working with precious metals clay. I can't wait!

So, Happy Holidays to all! And if this holiday season has you feeling down and like your life is less than what you hoped for, remember that it can always turn around. Anyone who's been reading this blog knows that mine sure has.

Elise on 12.24.07 @ 01:20 PM AK [link]